Course curriculum

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    Self Defence Techniques

    • Technique #1 - Defence Against Wrist Grab

    • Technique #2 - Defence Against Attempted Grab or Punch

    • Technique #3 - Pre-emptive Striking Against Imminent Attack

    • Technique #4 - Defence Against Attempted Double Grab

    • Technique #5 - Defence Against Side Shoulder Grab

    • Technique #6 - Defence Against Bear Hug (Over the Arms)

    • Technique #7 - Defence Against Bear Hug (Under the Arms)

    • Technique #8 - Defence Against Throat Grab

    • Technique #9 - Defence Against Throat or Shoulder Grab from Behind

    • Technique #10 - Defence Against Hair Grab

Mike Mousavi: 30 Years of Martial Arts Experience, Expert Kung Fu Teacher in Southern Shaolin, Hung Gar Kuen, Lau Gar Kuen, MMA & Full Contact Instructor, Qualified BCCMA (UK) Instructor

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