Yes! I Want to Get Access to Mousavi Kung Fu!

Here's What You Get:

  • Beginners 12-week Course

    Structured and instructor-lead Kung Fu training, ideal for beginners. This essential course cover all the basics & fundamentals quickly and progressively (£97)

  • Fundamentals Reference Library

    A complete collection of all the key fundamental concepts in Southern Shaolin Kung Fu, ideal for advanced students who want a quick reference video library including defences, strikes, principles, combinations & much more! (£97)

  • Lau Gar 1 System

    The complete Lau Gar 1 Kung Fu system broken down into 18 clear and easy to follow sections together with form drills, 21 practical techniques & 12 strikes flow drill (£147)

  • Tiger Boxing System

    A highly functional and effective Southern Shaolin Kung Fu system that emphasises the use of knees, elbows & panther strikes (£97)

Plus FREE BONUSES if You join Today:

  • 10 Best Self Defence Techniques

    Pre-emptive striking, releases from wrist, shoulder & hair grabs, counters to bear hugs and escapes from strangles and grabs from behind. This must-know practical self defence course covers it all (£97)

  • 5 Key Counter Striking Skills

    A quick, simple and effective introduction to the 5 most-important concepts in counter striking. These techniques build on and enhance the skills learnt in the beginners course and takes your functional skills to the next level (£27)

All lessons are released on a weekly basis.

The beginners course, the fundamentals library, bonus 1 and bonus 2 are released immediately on enrolment. Lau Gar 1 is released after the beginners course (12 weeks) and Tiger Boxing is released after Lau Gar 1 (18 weeks).


If Mousavi Kung Fu does not meet your expectation for whatever reason you will get your money back. All you have to do is email us at [email protected] and we will refund you.